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CEOP Training

We will be hosting an online CEOP training course which will allow you to receive:

Module 1 Introduction to CEOP Reporting

Module 3 Online Sexual Abuse

Module 5 Thinkuknow resources

These are the compulsory modules for CEOP training and result in a certificate of recognition.

Tuesday 21st April

10:00am – 12:00pm

2:00pm – 4:00pm

7:30pm – 9:30pm

The live stream, online course will be hosted by Steve Woods, a CEOP Ambassador, NCCE Cheshire & Stockport Associate Lead for Computer Science and STEM Subject Matter Expert.

The training is open to teachers in Cheshire & Stockport.  To sign up or for more information – please contact  Steve Woods:

Matt Kempa

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching, is hearing the success stories of former students. So it was lovely to find out that a student I had taught had been highly commended at the STEM Ambassador, STEM Inspiration Awards.  Matt Kempa is now working in Bristol, for Just Eat, whilst I lead Computing Hub & Science Learning Partnership in Cheshire & Stockport. Here’s Matt’s story:

What was your route to your current job?

After completing my A-levels, I went to the University of Nottingham to study Computer Science. During the summer after my first year, I worked at a local web developer creating websites in Nottingham. During my second year, I worked for IBM where I had an opportunity to work on automating the creation of chatbots. Then after graduation, I moved to Just Eat.

What influenced your career choice?

In all honesty, I felt like I was good at Programming and Computer Science, it all seemed very logical. It’s an incredibly creative science without too much math! I get to build cool products for a living that can be used by millions of people.

Any comments about your time at school? – you mentioned your work experience at Siemens – what A-levels did you do? Why?

After Eaton Bank Academy, I went to Sir John Deanes College in Northwich to study Computing, Economics and Business. These subjects really set me up to a range of career paths, as well as teaching me to think logically at a small scale as well as at an international/macro scale.

You also mentioned a trade fair you took part in – can you give any more info? 

During my spare time, I work on a project with some friends from Nottingham around protecting identity online and giving users control over data. We got invited to go and show our work at Web Summit in November which was very cool.