Cheshire & Stockport Hub are proud to announce a series of courses based on your feedback and requests. The dates and times are listed below. The idea is the courses will build upon one another but can also stand alone. Use the link at the bottom to sign up.


Thursday 25th June 7:00pm to 8:00pm

I’ll mark this one! (Online work that marks itself).

When you have a number of classes to plan for time is everything. Not everything will be suited to this method but knowing where to find it and how to create it can save time.


  • Get links to free interactive resources that you can pick off the shelf.
  • How to use Office 365 and Google forms to create self-marking activities.
  • Ideas for Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams.
  • Duplicating activities for multiple classes.


Thursday 2nd July 7:00pm to 8:00 pm

Grab and go! (Free screen capture and editing for online learning).

Being able to capture your screen in an image or video is really useful. In this webinar I will look at using tools you probably already have and some free downloads to aid online teaching.


  • Demonstrate how to capture, crop and save your screen for teaching.
  • Demonstrate how to add arrows, labels etc to an image.
  • Demonstrate how to screen record.
  • Demonstrate how to edit a screen recording.
  • Changing the format of a video and compressing to meet limits.


Thursday 9th July 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Synchronous or Asynchronous?  (Ideas for online teaching).

Now you can capture your screen and make video tutorials. When do you teach face to face? When do you leave it to the video?


  • Ideas for creating quality synchronous (face to face) learning resources.
  • Ideas for creating quality asynchronous (non – face to face) learning resources.
  • Ideas for interaction and active participation.
  • Keeping you and your pupils safe.


Thursday 16th July 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Gamification (exploring games for educating. Are they really educational?).

Add a bit of competition and suddenly learning is a by-product of fun. How much learning can come from games? In the last webinar before we break up I take a look at games that could have a possible educational by-product (if used in the right way). If you are wondering what to do with young children over the break or you can’t understand why young people spend so much time gaming. This may be of help to you.


  • Understand how gamification can be introduced at all Key Stages.
  • Get links to free resources.
  • Ways to use games to augment the classroom.
  • A parent’s tale. Teaching parts of the KS1 Curriculum through Minecraft in lockdown.


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Past Webinars

Computing for the Terrified

Part 4. Due to requests for an introduction to basic spreadsheets. Steve Woods takes you through some of the basics you need to know when working with young people. Aimed at Y6/7. Setting up for pupils with visual needs, common errors, simple formulae and some tips and tricks.

Computing for the Terrified

Presentation from 20th May

Part 3 My digital footprint. Staying safer online.

Computing for the Terrified

Presentation from 13th May

Part 2 Shortcut Keys that will change your life!

Click for link to microsoft’s list of shortcut keys.

Computing for the Terrified

Presentation from 6th May 2020

Part 1 What is the Cloud?